partition magic problems

  skaggy 11:14 28 Aug 2003

to cut a long story short i partitioned my hard drive into 2 halfs using partition magic, then i had a motherboard failure so replaced it, now it only reads 1 30gb hard drive an not the full 60 or 2 halves, i tried using the disk i made to restore it but it was corrupted, can anyone tell me how to get my computer to recognise the 2 halves again or have i lost 30gb of space

  seedie 11:35 28 Aug 2003

New mother board? Have told the bios about the drive.
Not sure about this but you may have to
restore the drive to one partition and set your bios to auto.


  Diemmess 13:42 28 Aug 2003

You certainly haven't lost the drive "D" for ever, though you may not be able to recover data from that half.

Something has corrupted the structure of the files on that partition.

You say you used Partition Magic originally, can you not use it again to check the dodgy partition?

I'm not sure but I think you may be able to re-establish the second partition and even wipe the data on that part for a clean start.

You mention a restoration disk but don't say whether it was a CD you burned or what it backed up?

  Mango Grummit 16:39 28 Aug 2003

Watching this one.

"..... now it only reads 1 30gb hard drive an not the full 60 or 2 halves .... "

Where are you taking this reading from skaggy?

Diemmess is right whatever "You certainly haven't lost the drive "D" for ever .."

regards, M

  xania 20:29 28 Aug 2003

Sorry Seedie - don't agree. The bios only reads the type of HD, not its structure, so, as long as its set to Auto, the rest is clear.

Skaggy, have you reinstalled your OS onto the HD? This is a must before you attempt any work. Otherwise, expect whatever happens. I agree with Diemmess that you have not lost you space, although you could have a damaged partition table. Certainly, changing your Mobo will not affect your HD one jot - but the way your system now sees it could be affected.

  Bodi 21:33 28 Aug 2003

Do you think you could use your startup/bood disk and, if you can, use the fdisk facility.

If, when you manage to get into fdisk, you choose option 4, you may be able to view the partitions on your disk. At least you will know whether it is there and can or cannot be read.

You could use fdisk to reclaim your drive (maybe) by deleting logical partitions, then extended partions (in that order) and, if necessary, the primary partition. Then repartition your drives as you had it before.

This may or may not work - but hope it does help.


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