Partition Magic

  Craig-289433 13:45 23 Jul 2003

I have 4 hard drives installed in my computer and though I can write to all of them through XP, Partition Magic 8 keeps on referring to the serial drive as being BAD and won't let me partition it in any way and keeps on getting errors when I try to re-format it (formatting from within windows works okay.)

Is there any way I can resolve this error.

  Craig-289433 22:20 23 Jul 2003


  Migwell 23:52 23 Jul 2003

I was once told by a computer tecnition that Partition Magic should NEVER have been alowed to escape onto the market.

This was after it cost me a lot of money (just short of a new drive) to get my drive working again by automaticly creating about ten partitions on my C Drive. some of which would have made a floppy look like a ginormus partition.

Don't go there, don't use it, best way is to use Fdisk if you have to, but I can't see the reason to Partition any more with the cost and size of new hard drives, why waste your time?

  leo49 03:47 24 Jul 2003

That is the most ill-informed, unmitigated nonsense.

  mrdsgs 06:59 24 Jul 2003

i must echo leo49's comment

Partition Magic is brilliant.

As for there being no point in Partitioning, you MUST have at least one, if if want to run several operating systems they need one each, if you use RAID then you will inevitablt partition.

My normal setup is 2 x 40 gig drives partitioned into 4 drive letters in RAID 0. This enables W2000 on C:, XP Pro on D: Data on E: and Data backup and downloads on F:.

Just for good measure I also have SCSI hard drives and use them for ghost images of the above and mora data and downloads.

Without partition magic i would be sunk.

Go and buy it, perhaps it is not for a total novice, but it is hardly comlplicated and doesn't make system changes without all sorts of warnings.


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