Is Partition Magic 8.0 compatible with Windows XP?

  W-Martin 15:30 08 Mar 2005

I have been running Partition Magic 6.0 on a Windows ME machine. When I tried to load the software onto a new PC running Windows XP Professional SP2, I received a message about problems with NTFS (which would apply to any version of Windows XP). Partition Magic 8.0 is supposed to be compatible with Windows XP, but I can't find any confirmation that it is OK with SP2, although someone has suggested that SP2's additional security features may be a problem. Has anyone got any experience of this?

  mattyc_92 15:36 08 Mar 2005

I am running WinXP Pro with SP2 and using Partition Magic 8.0.... The PowerQuest version had some problems with my system, but the Symantec version hasn't got any problems....

  Modo 15:53 08 Mar 2005

Absolutely fine. Wouldn't be without it, only symantec product on 5 compters.

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  W-Martin 16:34 08 Mar 2005

Thanks for the feedback, guys.
Unfortunately a new issue has been added by the PC manufacturer (Dell) who I called earlier today - their initial response was that they did not know, hence this query. However they have just phoned me back to say that the issue is also with the hard drive being a 160GB SATA drive - they are trying to tell me that you shouldn't partition a SATA drive. However they had to back down a little when I pointed out that they do it for the hidden partition with an image on it. They are now saying that you can partiton it DURING the loading of Windows XP Pro.
Any comments?

  buscrew 17:03 08 Mar 2005

I have PM v8.1 (update from v8.0 on website) on XP Pro SP2. I have created/deleted/resized partitions on internal (2x120 GB SATA in RAID 0) and external (1x120GB USB2) drives all without problems. Hope this helps.

  FelixTCat 17:20 08 Mar 2005

Dell are being economical with their knowledge. I have partitioned a 160 GByte SATA disk "on the fly" with Partition Magic 8 on XP without the slightest trouble.

My pc was supplied with XP on the SATA disk unpartitioned. I stripped off the supplied applications (cheap out-dated rubbish), installed PM 8, partitioned it as I wanted then installed my applications.

  It's Me 17:53 08 Mar 2005

I had no problems at all using Partition Magic 8.0 to partition two SATA HDDs after XP Pro SP2 had been installed, in fact after the PC had been delivered to me. Each HDD was partitioned into 4 drives, and I was able to alter the drive letters as I wanted them as well. I can't understand what Dell are talking about!

  Modo 18:19 08 Mar 2005

This computer has a 250Gb Maxtor SATA partioned by Partition Magic 8.0 as two large NTFS partitions and a small FAT32.

It also has a 120GB hdd partitioned with Patrtition Magic including bootable FAT32 partitions running Windows ME and Windows 98 as well two larger NTFS partitions.

  W-Martin 12:53 09 Mar 2005

Thanks to everyone who has responded so positively. I'll buy a copy of Partion Magic 8.0 and get partitioning!

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