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  ste73 10:04 28 Jul 2003

Hi Folks

This is a very silly question, but how do i create bootable diskettes if i dont't have a flloppy disk drive ( i'm have a laptop minus a floppy drive) ???????

any suggestions??????

  Brian-336451 10:19 28 Jul 2003

Buy and use Norton Ghost and backup the whole partition.

Consider setting your partitions with PM8 (its superb for this), personally I have reduced my c: drive to 4Gb and installed all my programs on the D: drive.

Then I have backed up the c: drive with Norton Ghost such that, should I have a problem, I can re-install the whole OS partition (including various drivers, dlls etc) in one go thus restoring the system completely.

The advantage of this (in my eyes) is that my backup (on cds - only 2 at present) can be stored away from the pc.

I also don't have to back up the c:\Program Files - which is huge because I've got installation cds for all that - so why back them up?

By keeping the OS partition small (this is the most changeable drive as windows is dynamic), it and any data I produce are easily backed up without the overhead of backing up unnecessarily - which in my opinion is why most people don't.

I also have two small drives for personal data, one for me, one for the wife. Similarly, these are 'ghosted' once a week and kept remote.

This system 'costs' me about 20 minutes a week which is chicken-feed compared with that awful sinking feeling when you think you've lost all your data.

The backed up partitions COULD be kept on another partition but I believe you would have to use a bootable cd - that can be produced in Ghost, but I'm not quite sure how as yet.

I personally believe that no floppy drive is not good and would not elect to go down this route.

I hope you can pick something useful out of my ramblings.

  ste73 10:34 28 Jul 2003

Cheers for that, but i think you slightly misunderstood my post ( i can see why ,its not very clear)
I'm using PM8 to partition my 40GB HD, but PM8 recommends i create 2 bootable floppys first (just in case something goes wrong, problem is i dont have a floppy drive! so i was wondering can i use something else, say a couple of CD's
or do i have to go and buy an external floppy drive before i partition.

The back up method you describe sounds good and i was thinking of backing up in a similar way.
One of the reasons im partitioning the HD is so i dont have to back up unessecarily


  ste73 11:29 28 Jul 2003


any suggestions to my problem above!!!?????

  Brian-336451 12:07 28 Jul 2003

It's a bit of a fait a complis when you say there is no floppy, end of discussion, create rescue disks 'iz not possible Mr Fawlty'.

You need to 'get into the system' if you REQUIRE the safety disks (I've got them). Ghost also generates a floppy (booting into DR DOS)so that's a non-starter too.

BUT it allows you to create a bootable cd (I don't think PM8 does but could be wrong there. I am assuming that you can write a CD, if not you are effectively knackered.

Really need to know what the spec for your laptop is, OS, CD-RW etc

  zanwalk 12:22 28 Jul 2003

See this thread (and links) for help in creating a bootable CD to use instead of floppies.

  zanwalk 12:23 28 Jul 2003

It would help if I posted the link:

click here

  ste73 13:48 28 Jul 2003

nT Brian May

I think i understand what you're talking about, if my laptop can boot from the CD, i can make a bootable CD

Well i'm using XP home and the laptop has a CD burner so i guess i thats a start and i'm certain it can boot from the CD. i can also probably get hold of a copy of Ghost.

Cheers for the advice, i'll have a think about how i'm going to do things and i'll be in touch if i get stuck!!!!!

Thanks for the link, there's plenty to go on there, i'll wade through it all and have a go.


  Brian-336451 20:40 29 Jul 2003

Spot on.

Its the only way I can think of to address your particular configuration.

You only need to get into an OS that allows you to reinstate your partitions (the ones you've already got) or to replace them (enter Ghost stage left - an image).

Caveat emptor, the image is only as good as the day you made your last backup. I do mine once a week, I'm willing to risk 7 days worth as I don't generate that much data.

Paranoia being what it is (I HAVE lost ALL my data in the past) I actually back up my OS partition to another partition on the computer AND to cds giving me two bites of the cherry.

Good luck anyway.


  Brian-336451 20:42 29 Jul 2003

Oh, and by the way.

It wasn't a silly question at all, I think more people are going to face this particular conundrum.

  Qmar 22:53 29 Jul 2003

"Imagine that you want to use ..Backup, Powerquest's Drive Image, or Norton Ghost, to backup your hard disk partitions to that nice 120gb external USB 2.0 hard disk you just bought."
I hope its relevent.. click here


click here

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