Partition Magic 7.0

  expertec 17:05 16 Feb 2004

Can Partition Magic 7.0 be used to partition a 120 GB hard drive?

  Vole 17:11 16 Feb 2004

Yes, I should think so. I've used PM (7 I think,
I don't have access to my machine at the moment)
to partition a 160GB RAID 0 stripe.

This presupposes your motherboard and BIOS etc. are happy with large disks.

Regards: Vole

  expertec 17:17 16 Feb 2004

The motherboard and BIOS will be OK with large disks ;-)

I thought I read somewhere about PM 7.0 could be used to partition drives up to 80 GB??

  tafoody 18:23 16 Feb 2004

from the box PM7.0 comes in > "NEW! Partition hard drives as large as 80GB"

  Diodorus Siculus 18:28 16 Feb 2004

Partition Magic 7.0

Today computer hard drives are huge and handling all that real estate takes some skill and planning. Over the lifetime of your hard drive your needs and design of your hard drive layout may change. Partition Magic makes that hard and time consuming task an easy and painless task.

New features are merging NTFS partitions, support for up to 80 GB drive, integration with Windows Defragmenter and supports external USB drives. Some limitations are that it is not designed to perform on removable media and it won't work on Windows 2000 dynamic drives.

From click here

  expertec 19:52 16 Feb 2004

Vole, could you check which version you used and post back please

  leo49 20:37 16 Feb 2004

Just checked on my other PC which has PM7 and a 120gb HDD and it works fine - it sees and operates on the whole of the drive.

  expertec 23:05 16 Feb 2004

OK thanks for your help folks :-)

  expertec 09:08 21 Feb 2004

Well, I didn't need PM7 in the end, I just partitioned through windows setup

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