partition magic 7 deleting an active partition ?

  TomFinneythebest 12:39 20 Feb 2003

My 40 gb hard drive is partitioned 'ME' on 'C' drive, and 'XP' on 'D' drive. I would like to remove 'ME' and just have one partition 'XP'. When I tried to delete the 'C' drive using Partition magic 7 on windows 'XP'. I got a warning message saying that the 'C' drive was an active partition. *After deletion, Set another partition active.* Before proceeding, I thought it best to get some advice in case I ended up not being able to boot up into 'XP'
I have backed up my documents.
Also created the rescue discs.
Hopefully someone will be able to explain to me about whether it safe to "activate" 'XP' & what it involves ? Thanks in advance. Tom

  lacker 14:51 20 Feb 2003

Hi Mate,have you thought of merging your ME partition into your XP partition.ME would then become a folder in the XP partition,which you can either keep or delete as you wish.
Regards Tony

  TomFinneythebest 16:47 20 Feb 2003

Hi Tony, I don't know a lot about PM 7, but my 'ME' partition on 'c' is bigger than the 'XP' partition on 'd' drive. would it merge ?
As you probably realised I had 'ME' on initially
Then I partitioned & added 'XP'
I did this as a precaution, in case I didn't like 'XP'.
Now that I have got use to it, I want to get rid of 'ME'. I am looking for an easy way out.

Thanks Tony, I will try your idea if you think it can be done now that you have the partition facts.

B.T.W. sorry about not replying earlier had to take the wife to asda.

  lacker 21:25 20 Feb 2003

Don't I know that sort of shopping well---you have my sympathy.As far as I can see the sizes of the partitions don't matter,PM7 will soon tell you if it does not approve of what your trying to do.Give it a try and let me know how you get on.


  TomFinneythebest 09:42 21 Feb 2003

Hi Tony, I don,t think it will work according to the pdf user guides, because I am trying to merge a PRIMARY drive 'C' FAT32 with a LOGICAL drive 'D' NTFS. I even tried reducing the primary 'ME'to a folder size small enough to merge with the XP partition. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I will hang on before doing anything rash. Anymore ideas will be most welcome. Thanks again Tony.

Regards Tom

  lacker 10:41 21 Feb 2003

OK TOM, You should be able to do it as follows:-
In PM7 click on your XP partition.
On top line select'partition'
click on 'advanced',then set partition active.
Click on 'partition'again,'convert'then 'primary'
Select ME partition,click on 'partition' 'delete'
apply all these operations and after machine has performed them all,you should be left with a primary XP partition and unallocated space where your ME partition used to be.
Click on XP again in PM7 click on 'partition' at the top again then'resize/move'slide your XP to cover all of HDD and apply operation.In theory after reboot you will have XP on your drive in full.
Hope all this makes sense,good luck.T

  TomFinneythebest 14:26 21 Feb 2003

Tony. Thanks for your prompt reply and I apologise for the delayed response (out shopping again !) what you have said is worth a try, which I will try immediatly after I have sent this message. Thanks again for your advice, I will let you know as soon as I have done it.
Regards Tom.

  TomFinneythebest 10:11 22 Feb 2003

Hi, Tony hope you got my e-mail I pressed return before I was ready but I am ticking the resolved box. Thanks again Tom

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