Partition Magic 6

  FredM 08:44 12 Jan 2003
  FredM 08:44 12 Jan 2003

I built the PC Advisor AMD computer with the Gigabyte VRXP board and initially Seagate 40Gb drive. The HD was connected to socket 3 as instructed and operates well with a aingle partition.

Partition Magic 6 will not run on this Win 98SE computer, reporting error 117 init failure. The PM site doen't help resolve the problem and they won't give support on a 1 yr old product! The DOS rescue disk will not load properly either. Partition Info repoorts only 28 G with a MSG report failure but correctlt reports the drive in Preview.

I have also installed a slave HD on the system and PM Partition Info also reports this. However, the Seagate DiscWizrds thinks that my CRROMs (3) are the HDs and I could only install the slave drive using the DOS Seatool utility which seemed to have worked properly and reconfigured the drive letters.

What is going on please and have I wasted £40.

I think it scandalous that PowerQuest can sell you a full product a year old but will not help you use it successfully. PM 7 will also have support withdrawn soon and this is in the shops as 'new' ???

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