Partition Magic ????

  nerawan 19:35 22 Jun 2006

Hi. I have windXP and partition magic. I want to format and re-install XP. In the past , it erased the whole hard drive. Is there any way to do it, without affecting the other partitions?. Thanks.

  sunny staines 19:38 22 Jun 2006

install xp on patition C that will leave the other partitions alone.

  nerawan 20:46 22 Jun 2006

Tha is what I have always done. Install xp on C. Then install P.m. and create other partitions. But last time when I had to re-installed XP , the whole hard drive was erased.

  SANTOS7 20:51 22 Jun 2006

Open Partition Magic, select the partition, right click, choose format........

  Zeppelyn 20:51 22 Jun 2006

Then you must have selected wrong option during install. Why not create the partitions now and then reinstall XP.

  Pamy 21:06 22 Jun 2006

Why format? Why not repair?

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