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  [DELETED] 18:56 01 Sep 2003

I have an 80gb hard drive running XP pro,and lately I have started to save a bit of digital images .Some one suggested using partition magic 8.0 to split the drive.
unfortunately I am not sure how much to give the new partition or what goes where.
I have also been told to uninstall my games so that they can be reinstalled onto the new partition.
Anyboby had dealings with this?

  hugh-265156 19:08 01 Sep 2003

downloaded programs and documents etc can be stored on a sepeate and programs when installing them,must go into the windows partition i think,i may well be wrong.

partition the drive as you want,i would keep it simple,a small backup partition and a partition for your photos etc.let windows have the rest.

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  xania 11:23 02 Sep 2003

I always recommend a multi-partition approach:

C: for operating system, hardware drivers plus space for extras, swap file and printer buffer - say 2 GB

D: for data - a separate drive makes backups easier.

E: perhaps for your programs although they will still add some files to C:
F: perhaps a separate partition for games

G: Store your digital images

H: a drive for your stored downloads, copies of drivers and any other useful bits

I: a backup of C:\ once everything is installed so that, when C:\ goes belly up, you can get everything back to a safe point within minutes.

You WILL need to uninstall and reinstall most of your software, because the installation program inserts instructions into the registry and you don't really want to go there. However, if you have a quality program mover, (I use an old version of Uninstaller from Microhelp, but they have now been taken over by Macafee and I don't think the latest version still has mover) you can use this instead. Also, some older programs, especially games which are DOS based, don't require the registry and, for these, you can safely drag 'n drop the root folder to your new partition. If you do this, use copy rather than cut - you can then try to run from the new partition and, if this works, simply delete it from the old partition.

Good luck!

  [DELETED] 18:48 02 Sep 2003

Thanks guy's,it's certainly given me something to go on.
just one more thing,do you notice any difference in proformance?

  xania 20:45 02 Sep 2003

There CAN be performance improvements, but you need to have two HDs to gain any substantial benefits.

  [DELETED] 22:06 02 Sep 2003

Humm, thats what I was thinking.thanks again

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