Partition on laptop drive

  Chelonian 15:02 01 Feb 2010


The 40GB hard drive on my Sony PCG-FR215E laptop is partioned into two drives. The laptop arrived from the manufacturer in that format but I don't know the reason why.

Vaio (C:) This drive is 18.6GB. 5.78GB remains free on this drive.

Vaio (D:) This drive is 18.6GB. 18.6GB remains free on this drive.

I'm guessing that Windows, applications and all other files are in drive (C:).

What happens when drive (C:) is full and what should I do (if anything) to access drive (D:)?

I'm probably overlooking something very basic but that's me!

Much appreciation for any advice on this matter.


  gengiscant 15:10 01 Feb 2010

You could move all of your personal files over to drive D. This will show you how.
click here

  Pamy 15:32 01 Feb 2010

Beware what you do with your D partition as it almost certainly contains a program to restore your computer back to how it was when you first recieved it as you will not have had an operating system disk supplied with it when you bought it.

Dig out the manual you should have recieved with it and have a good read.

  rawprawn 16:16 01 Feb 2010

Pamy is right, but I have Vaio laptop and the recovery partition was never shown as a drive. Look in Computer Management > Disk Management and it will show you all the drive structures.
You could do as gengiscant suggests, or if the D: is empty and not a recovery drive, just delete the partition.

  Chelonian 19:11 01 Feb 2010

Thanks everyone. I'll try to dig out the manual.

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