Partition has become "Autoplay"

  Chegs ® 14:49 11 Aug 2003

I have a partition on my IDE drive which has aquired a "SETUP" icon,and I have to right-click/Open as if I double-click to open,a program starts to install.I removed all my files from it,and formatted it again but the problem returned,I have run XP's error check on the drive,which sometimes cures its icon but Autoplay still starts up.I deleted the prog that tries to run,but still get the startup routine for it,only it halts as the rest of the prog is no longer on my system.Where will I find the MBR for this partition,as I think this might be where the error lies?

  sil_ver 14:56 11 Aug 2003

I think MBR is in the boot.ini file in C:, if you right click on it and open with notepad you'll see what's there.

  Jester2K II 14:58 11 Aug 2003

Check for a file in the route called Autoplay.inf in the root of the Drive.

Delete it..

  Chegs ® 15:30 11 Aug 2003

I just restarted my puter,and was warned that msvbvm60.dll was missing/corrupted and it took a trip into BIOS to switch off the IDE channel with the dodgy SETUP icon partition,to get it to boot and run chkdsk.Might be related but unable to check if CHKDSK has "fixed" any probs on IDE as I need to reboot to re-enable IDE hdd's,and its taking 15 minutes to get back into windows!

  tenaka 15:35 11 Aug 2003

Take a deep breath, don't go near MBR's and partition altering.

The autorun.inf is incredibly likely to be the file you need to deal with, especially if as you say you deleted the file autorun tries to execute.

I can't member if INF files are hidden by default, if they are then u will need to change the hide files option first.

Honestly I dunno, I got cramp in my foot, best cut it off eh?

  sil_ver 15:40 11 Aug 2003

I suppose the easiest route - for the novice - would be to delete the partition using PartitionMagic, or similar programme, and then repartition.

  tenaka 15:47 11 Aug 2003

I spose this sort of thing *does* keep me employed as a techie.

  Chegs ® 21:53 11 Aug 2003

I did find an Autoplay.inf file,opened it in Notepad and it contained a "Setup=0" but no clues as to what it started,deleted it,rebooted and it still insists its the startup prog for DV Network Solutions.I have just purchased an DVD RW,so I have removed the IDE drive completely,and will be repartitioning it and installing it in my daughters puter.So I will never know what/why it is misbehaving.Thanks for the advice folks.

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