Partition hard drive for dual boot

  machine minder 21:52 23 Jun 2003

A friend has XP on his new pc but does not get on with it and wants to go back to 98se.
Is it possible to partition his 40gb hard drive to say a 10 and a 30 gb each and install 98se onto the 30 gb partition then put all programmes etc onto that.
Would XP and all his other files etc on the 10 gb partition just sit there and do nothing and could they be copy and pasted to the bigger partition if needed
Lastly how would the pc boot up into 98se and not XP
He's got a copy of 98se on cd from his old pc.
I have a copy of 'Partition commander 6' from pc plus magazine
Can this be it fairly easy...what do we need to watch out for if we tried it ..??
Thank you....!!! ; ))

  Psiman 22:08 23 Jun 2003

This link should get you started. click here;en-us;q306559

  zanwalk 22:34 23 Jun 2003

I think it would be easiest to reinstall XP after partitioning and after loading W98. First job is to back up all data and internet settings etc., not forgetting the drivers for your peripherals.

Then partition the disk, and I would suggest 3 partitions, W98, XP, and a Data partition, that way you will be able to see the data from either OS. W98 must go on first, and then XP, and when XP asks if you want to update, choose no, and the advanced button, then specify which partition you wish to use.

XP will then act as a bootloader for both OS, giving you a menu on bootup to choose from.

  pcgal 22:43 23 Jun 2003

machine minder the windows 98 has to go on the C/drive....In dual boot the earliest windows always should be loaded onto C/drive then an NT based windows(2000/xp) loaded onto the second partition. Basically just partition your harddrive using fdisk splitting ya disk as required then load win98 as usual onto c/drive, now boot xp from your cd rom and it will detect the unused partition and load xp here. When xp has loaded and the system restarts it will give u a menu of operating systems....just choose the operating system u require and hey presto but remember to format your xp as fat32 or win98 will not recognise the partition....pcgal

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