Partition creation advice

  Eraflooz 23:24 04 May 2003

Hi there! Can you guys tell me the steps I need to take to create a second partition on my HD in order to create a dual boot system? I am running Win98 and my HD is a single volume...I would like to have it that 98 is on one partition while Linux is on the other, combined perhaps with a third for back up purposes. Is this possible without having to reformat everything. ie can i create these partitions without having to reinstall windows? Also my HD is a 40 gig Maxtor, 128mb ram, crappt display adapter and sound...Thanks for your help.

  menorcarob2 23:30 04 May 2003

try partition magic

  Goldcroft 08:06 05 May 2003

Have a look at this posting few days ago: "Partitioning Hard Disc - Advantages?" Partition Magic seems the programme to use. It's £39.99 at Amazon or you might find it a bit cheaper on E Bay. Thread gives a lot of valuable advice.

PS: How do you turn a thread title (as above) into a click please.

  cream. 08:29 05 May 2003

If left click to highlight it, then right click to copy, move to where you want to insert it and paste.

I never knew till I

  Goldcroft 09:13 05 May 2003

From the number and frequency of "silly" how to do things queries which pop up on the forum, I sometimes think that there should be a help tab at the top to explain such things! It took me couple of months to discover how to access My Postings and then seem to remember that there were several "thank yous" from fellow members similarly afflicted.

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