Partition advise please

  daisy2bell 11:02 06 Jan 2005

Win 98SE Time 800/265

What, if any, advantages are there in having a HD partition.
If I decide to do it, can someone please talk me through it step by step.

Would it be advisable to delete the HD first and start afresh with a clean HD.


  mattyc_92 11:28 06 Jan 2005

If you want to "partition" a hard disk, I recommend using "Partition Magic"... Create the "bootable disk media" from it and boot from them.... Then just "resize" your current partition to create some "unallicated" space, from which you can create an new "primary" or "logical" partition from....

"Primary" partitions are the partitions that have windows installed onto then and "logical" partitions are the type that you have for an extra hard-disk showing in "My Computer"...

I have created a partition on my old drive for a "System Backup" drive and another 2 partitions for "extra storage"....

You can have "multiple" o/s on your system by partitioning the hard-disk... for example I used to have Win2000, WinXP Pro and Win98 SE all on the same 30 gb hard-disk!!!!

  mattyc_92 11:33 06 Jan 2005

Oh yea, you DON'T have to format the drive to partition it and also partitioning a hard-disk can help protect your data for example, if you have a virus, the virus should only corrupt or damage in another way the drive that it is on (normally the drive with the operating system), so this means that your data on the other partitions are safe and you can format and re-install windows on the "c" drive!!!!

  Catastrophe 12:04 06 Jan 2005

I agree with mattyc_92 in that I use Partition Magic, but I use it within Windows as I find the Wizard extremely useful.

First back up your contents. PM does not usually destroy contents but it is best to be safe. Click on 'Create new partition' and follow the instructions.

Another advantage of a partition is that you can keep your OS and programs on C: and all your data on D: This makes backing up of data easy but don't forget some stuff is stored on C: e.g., emails.

  mattyc_92 12:16 06 Jan 2005

Catastrophe what operating system are you using then, cause when I try to use it (WinXP Pro and in Win98SE) sometimes it worked, but other times the computer just freezes.... Don't You get this???

  Catastrophe 13:49 06 Jan 2005


I am using Win98 SE with PM 5 and never had any problem.

  Catastrophe 13:52 06 Jan 2005

Do you shut down all progs except explorer and systray before loading PM?

  mattyc_92 14:58 06 Jan 2005

Yes, but I have "PartitionMagic 8" and wonder if Internet Security may be casuing this (casue the help says that systemworks may crash it)

  daisy2bell 14:59 06 Jan 2005

Thanks for that. There are versions 7 and 8 of PM, some are free some you have to pay for.
What's the diference

  mattyc_92 14:59 06 Jan 2005

anyway, back to the topic..... Have you/are you tried/going to try what I have suggested???

  mattyc_92 15:01 06 Jan 2005

I didn't know there was a "free" version of this program...

I would think that the "free" version is limated to how many partitions you can create, what drives it is compatiable with and you may not be able to create another "primary" partition for another o/s to be installed upon!!!

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