plumbism 13:44 01 Nov 2003

i have just formated my hard drive and reinstalled xp pro. i have a 20gb harddrive.
the trouble is i have two partitions which i don't want. D drive has 16.26gb on it and the C drive has 3.88gb. how can i get rid of partitions.
when i try to down load something off windows up-date it says i don't have enough space.
i would be grateful of any advice.

  powerless 13:50 01 Nov 2003

Getting rid of the partition D would lose you 16.26GB. You cannot rid partition C as it has XP on it?

3.88GBis a little small for C with XP, programs, all those files on it.

I would start over, wipe the drive free and then when you install XP set up your partitons (if you want 2 or more).

Or...just format D and install everything on to that.

  graham√ 13:52 01 Nov 2003

All about partitions... click here

  powerless 13:55 01 Nov 2003

Graham sqaure tick, luckily you do not need FDISK in XP.

  plumbism 14:04 01 Nov 2003

is it possible to put everything on to C without formatting. can't i just merge the two some how

  powerless 14:06 01 Nov 2003

Yes, but you would need to whack some money on the counter... click here

  graham√ 14:16 01 Nov 2003


  keith-236785 17:47 01 Nov 2003

Partition Magic will allow you to change the size of the partitions without loss of data.

partition commander was also on a magazine disk a couple of months ago but i did not try it, do a search for partition commander. there might be a free download or at least a trial.

if not, i think you will need partition magic version 8 to work with windows XP. (could be wrong about that though).

good luck

  christmascracker 17:51 01 Nov 2003

Acronis PartitionExpert 2003 is on the cover disc of PCW mag.

  keith-236785 17:54 01 Nov 2003

if you are prepared to install winXP again then you could use a windows98 start-up floppy (click here) to fdisk your drive (i like this one cos its free).

  Kitz E Kat 18:24 01 Nov 2003

Thats about the setup i have on my lapper....

I have XP and nothin else on C: and all my programs on D:.......

You have a problem down the line , you can wipe C: and reinstall XP and still have all your proggies on D: , so you do not have to go to the trouble of reinstalling them all over again...

If you are running out of space on C: try unsintalling all you programs and reinstall them on D: , this should give you plenty of space for XP and its, dubious, updates!!!!!!

Eh , that's my two cents worth......

Kitz E

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