Partiotioning Under Windows XP....

  Amry 09:47 06 Aug 2003

I have a relatively simple question; I have a Windows XP system. Recently, I used Partition Magic to create another partition, and installed a fresh copy of Windows XP in that partition too (don't ask, it's for research purposes....). Anyways, to make a long story short, I've finished my "research" and would like to re-assimilate my secondary XP partition to the primary partition.... so, do I have to just delete the partition and join in again with Partition Magic? Or are there any other steps I must take first?

  leo49 10:37 06 Aug 2003

As you rightly suspect you can do it easily using Partition Magic,ie delete the superfluous second partition[this will turn it into unallocated space] and then drag out the remaining original partition to encompass this space and to once again occupy the whole.


  The Transporter 10:42 06 Aug 2003

of XP (on your D: drive) so you just end up with your version on the C:.

Go into the C: version of XP.

All you need to do is go into Control Panel - System - then "advanced" tab.

Then select the Start up and recovery "settings " button.

It will show which Operating system you want as default. Select the C: version. Then make sure that the value is 0 for "Time to display list of operating systems".

Now save and reboot.

If it still gives you an option of 2 o/s and doesn't just boot straight aay go back to where you were above and then:

Make a backup of this file first. So if it goes wrong you can just replace it.

Now open the Boot.ini file and it will show you the main boot o/s system and then an extra line with the D: o/s system. delete this single line and thats all.

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