Partioning...How to, and what benefits?

  Skeletor 15:30 20 Oct 2003

I've read and heard about some of the benefits of partitioning a HDD. While I know this is far too complicated a subject to go into detail here, I wondered if anyone could point me to a website that gives info on the most effective way to create and use partitions (in laymans terms). I'm using Win XP Home with 80 GB HDD.


  recap 15:34 20 Oct 2003
  pj123 15:44 20 Oct 2003

Like you say it is a complicated issue. But I have an 80gb hard drive partitioned in 4 x 20gb partitions. The main partition C: drive contains only my operating system and all my programmes (for which I have all the original disks) All the other partitions contain my personal documents, photos, etc. If I ever have to to reformat and re-install then I only have to do it to the C: drive. All the other data will remain intact. If you download Ranish (a free Disk Manager) from click here it will partition your disk without losing any data already on it.

  Gongoozler 15:45 20 Oct 2003

Hi Skeletor. To me the main benefit of partitioning is that in a large drive, that is almost any drive these days, the Windows and other programs only require a small proportion of the drive, the major part being used for stored files, especially photos. If the programs or Windows gets severely corrupted I can reformat the C: partition and reinstall the software from a backup without losing any of my saved files. On my drive I have a third (E:) partition that I use for the backup of my C: drive.

  plankton 16:03 20 Oct 2003

If you know what make the drive is, you can log on to their site and download a steup program, and a diagnostic program, both of which will assist in setting up the disk to their specification, which should make it easier....

  Skeletor 17:35 20 Oct 2003

Thanks all

I've got a couple of things to try now. Seems the way to go though, especially as i'm starting to accumulate a fair few photo's.

Thanks again

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