Partioning & Reinstalling Windows XP Pro?

  Tinkey Winkey 19:01 15 Dec 2008

I have just formated and reinstalled Win XP Pro to get rid of some nasty Trojans.

I've partioned the drive into C & D.
Windows is on C.
I was thinking of installing programs on the D partionin an attempt to save time should I need to reinstall Windows in the future.

Will programs on D still work if I have to reinstall windows again on C, or will I have to reinstall all the programs again aswell please?

  csqwared 19:38 15 Dec 2008

As far as I know, no. Applications will always install parts of itself to the 'C' drive and make alterations to the registry. If you re-install the OS those links will be lost,so you will have to re-install any applications. The best way to do this is us a programme like 'Acronis True Image' to make an image of your system and then if things do go pear shaped you just install the image - about 15mins at the most.

  Tinkey Winkey 20:02 15 Dec 2008

Ahh thanks csqwared.
So with Acronis I don't need to reinstall Windows?
Acronis is kind of like a System Restore is it?

  canarieslover 20:14 15 Dec 2008

Acronis can create an exact image of your hard drive with your operating system and installed programs and data at the time that you make the image. A bit like a photograph of your system at that moment in time. Anything else you add afterwards will not be in that image so you really need to discipline yourself to re-creating the image on a fairly regular basis. If this image is saved to a second hard drive, internal or external, you will find that is is very quick and easy to restore your system to as it was when the last image was taken. It is a great insurance against system failure and even if your C: drive fails completely you can install a new drive and put the image on that.

  DieSse 23:24 15 Dec 2008

It should be mentioned again that the best place to store Acronis images is on an external hard drive. This gives you protection if your internal hard drive goes kaput, and against even worse disasters

It's also good normal backup protection, as you can recover individual files and/or folders from the image.

And again to confirm - yes it is like system restore disks - but it's even better, as you keep it up to date, and don't have to go right back to square one, as with manufacturers restore disks.

It's much better than Windows internal System Restore facility.

  stlucia 07:35 16 Dec 2008

Interesting ...

The only time I wanted to use my Acronis TI to restore my C:\ drive from scratch, booting from an Acronis rescue disk, it reported time remaining as 4 days! I cancelled the restore, and reloaded Win XP and my other programs manually, then restored only the data from my Acronis backup.

  mohawk32 08:31 16 Dec 2008

Acronis is rubbish, i used it last year and it could not restore my pc.
Look for a different back up program
Also, you should wipe your disc before formatting and reinstaling windows, all the trojans are still there

  canarieslover 08:52 16 Dec 2008

I'm actually running on a hard drive that was my back-up image that was pressed into service when my C: drive failed. It works with no problems other than losing a few days of e-mails. You can't ask for anything much better than that. All I can say is read the instructions and help files if in any doubt. Most problems with any program are caused by operator input, bugs excepted of course. Take your time and get it right.

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