Partioning H/D

  postie 08:02 02 Dec 2004

Can I partion my h/d (40GB) on an already used drive into a 3 or 4 drives without losing installed progs


  Diodorus Siculus 08:21 02 Dec 2004

Yes, with Partition Magic (£30) or Ranish PArtition Manager (Free).

But it is a risky business - be sure to defragment and backup first.

  Jeffers22 08:22 02 Dec 2004

Yes - IF you use a tool like Partition Magic or similar. BUT - you will need enought free space to create the first partition and then you may need to move stuff around to free up sufficient space for subsequent parttions. Remember, programs do not continue to work after being moved without rereferencing to the new partition. Partition Magic is without the best in my opinion, but even they advise backing up data before messing with partitions. I have used it since version 2 on a single floppy and never had a problem with data loss or corruption.

  postie 11:22 02 Dec 2004

Diodorus Siculus
where will I find" Ranish PArtition Manager "
And while I am at it many thanks to both you and Jeffers22


  Jeffers22 11:38 02 Dec 2004

you will get it from click here It's a tiny download, but I've not used it so cannot say much about it. Others here have found it OK. one poster had real problems (but I think they were more of his own making!!)

Partition Magic is really worth the money and would always be the one I would recommend.

  Jeffers22 11:41 02 Dec 2004

Here is the text of a review:

Ranish Partition Manager is a program that partitions hard disks. For example, it will let you to run Win ME, Win 2k, and Linux on a single box. In addition, you can copy, move, and resize disk partitions. The program uses a commandline interface and is intended for advanced users that are comfortable with DOS

Note the last sentence. If you are not happy working in DOS - spend the money on Partition Magic, it has a graphical interface.

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