Partial XP Install Cancellation

  Strangely Brown 07:52 16 Jul 2005

I have a new build that I have been attempting to install WIndows XP from. The original disk I had was corrupt therefore I have a new version. However, the install was part completed and attempts to restart. It then rejects the new disk as it is obviously referencing the old version. I need to be able to 'flush' the aborted install and start again.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance

  User-312386 08:24 16 Jul 2005

Have you set BIOS to "boot from cd"? If not do so.

It will give you the option to do a full format

  mgmcc 09:17 16 Jul 2005

I would be inclined to fdisk the drive with a Windows 98 boot floppy to remove the partition(s), then boot with the Windows XP CD and let it partition, format and install. I know you should be able to do it all with the XP CD, but it doesn't always go according to plan ;)

  Terry Brown 12:39 16 Jul 2005

Note -- If your Hard drive is Formatted to NTFS, the Win 98 floppy will not work, as it requires a FAT 32 (File Allocation System)to work. If you cannot boot from the CD, goto click here and download the boot disk suitable for your CD (You will need up to 6 floppies), Follow prompts and after the last floppy and the blue 'Terms and Conditions'(Press F8 to Continue), press ESC to get the advanced menu, delete the partion, put your CD in the drive and follow the instructions.--God Luck--Terry

  mgmcc 00:35 17 Jul 2005

<<<If your Hard drive is Formatted to NTFS, the Win 98 floppy will not work, as it requires a FAT 32 (File Allocation System)to work.>>>

I've used "fdisk" with a Windows 98 boot floppy to remove a "non-DOS" (i.e. NTFS) partition without a problem.

  Strangely Brown 08:26 18 Jul 2005

Thanks for all the feedback folks. Turns out that neither disk was corrupt and it appears to be more to do with the SATA hard drive.

I connected a spare IDE drive I had to the new build and installed Windows first time. I then flushed the SATA drive, removed the IDE drive and started again with the second disk. The install failed at the same point again asking for the file 'asms' on the CD. At this point I was a little busy so I removed the CD and powered down. When I restared the machine it asked for the XP CD which I duly inserted. This time the install completed without a hitch!!!

Confused? I am!!

However, the install is complete and the PC is up and running. It appears to be a bit moody about running 3D Mark 2005 bit I think that's more to do with the motherboard. (Abit AV8 3rd Eye, Athlon 64 3800+ (Venice) Cpu)

I will continue to investigate this minor issue and I may be back but as far as this thread is concerned I think it's done. Thenaks for all the help

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