part of network goes down at times

  billinnaples 17:46 23 Jun 2012

Is there a free software that can track when any part of my network is disconnected giving me the day and time it happens. This is not spam.

  mgmcc 14:24 24 Jun 2012

Can you be more specific about the problem you're experiencing? Unless this is a wireless connectivity issue, it is not normal for "part of a network to go down".

  billinnaples 14:49 24 Jun 2012

I have 3 buildings. There is a wireless N router in each. They are all connected together with different ip addresses.

Bldg. 1 starts from modem to router. It is wired to 2 computers and has wireless connecttion to 3rd. Never have problem here.

Bldg. 2 router connects by wire to 2 computers. Rarely have problems here. Cable from bldg. 1 to bldg. 2 is inside pvc conduit.

bldg. 3 router connects by wire to 1 computer and wirelessly to another computer. This is were the problem was. Connection was lost at building 3 a couple of times in 2 days.

I have brand new cat5e indoor cable running from bldg. 2 to bldg. 3

My intentions were to put the indoor cat5e cable inside pvc conduit but have not had a chance yet and the cable was laying on the ground most of the 250 ft. run. Part of the 250 ft. run to the 3rd bldg. was inside underground conduit and got wet. At the 3rd bldg. the cable continues from the 3rd router to the inside of the building wired to 1 computer and wireless to another.

Do you think that the wet cable could have been the problem. There is never more than 100 meters of cable between any router and the endpoint computers.

Also, the reason I put the words "this is not spam" was because when I created this message this website said it was spam, so I put those words there and the notice went away.

Thanks for your patience in reading this. This is obviously not the typical home network situation.


  mgmcc 21:12 25 Jun 2012

I suspect this will need someone with "hands on" access to the kit in order to be able to sort it out. It sounds as though you're pushing the length of the cable runs very close to their limit and the IP addressing possibly isn't straightforward.

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