part of lap-top screan "missing"

  end 23:02 22 Apr 2004

I very clevery managed to drop my lap top on the floor. It now has a section about 3inches long and about 1/2 inch wide at the right hand side of the screan starting from the top right hand corner and down the right hand side. i.e. verticle strip ;the mouse goes under it, and any opened screans go under it. I have run scan disc and defragment. tapping the screan changes nothing. any ideas????have I somehow managed to "break " something or.... it is a Toshiba "satellite" lap top with intell pentium 2 ; it was acquired as second hand and have had no problems with it until now .....any ideas please; is it "fixable " or......

  end 23:29 22 Apr 2004

in case anyone asks, its still "mising" despite sveral attempts to get it back by shutting down and restarting; runnign defragment twice and bashing the screan a few times.....and having the power cable connected and running from the mains...... ??what "ave I gouwn and done???...

  Djohn 03:02 23 Apr 2004

If you go into control panel/graphics display you may be able to find from the "Monitor tab" or display tab a facility to recenter your display. If this does not work then it will be more serious and require a trip to laptop expert.

Most towns have one, "ask at a local PC shop or look in yellow pages. It will be far cheaper for them to look at it rather than send it back to the manufacturer. Does your "Home Contents" insurance cover you for this type of accidental damage? Most do. j.

  end 22:47 23 Apr 2004

have gone into control panel but cannot see or find "monitor tab"; am wondering if it IS display as I can pass the mouse UNDER the black bit,and when I just even switch the thing on, which the first screan, the bit is black ; its as if teh screan ITSELF is faulty....???is that POSSIBLE?????

  Djohn 23:19 23 Apr 2004

My apologies try this route instead. Right click your mouse on the desktop and choose properties/Settings/Advanced and click on the tabs on view from there. You may be lucky and see an adjustment for centring the display.

With a laptop you generally have a choice of screens to use. [The Laptop itself or an external monitor] The adjustment may be from there. Good luck with this until someone else comes up with some ideas. j.

  Djohn 23:23 23 Apr 2004

This effect your describing sounds very much like a CRT screen that needs adjusting with the controls on the monitor itself. Left/Right/Up/down. but I'm not sure where these will be on a Laptop. except maybe as in my posting above.

  end 00:35 24 Apr 2004

err...what is a " CRT Screen???
and what I sem to have "lost" is a strip about half the length of the vertical side o the right of the lap top , fromt the top; where the "title" bar is on these postings ??, well, my missing strip is about as wide as the width OF that strip and goes fromt eh top tp half way downt eh right hand side of my screen. it APPEARS the moment I start up the thing, so am wondering if it is something to do with the hardware itself???somethign has got "disconnected" or "loose" within the just wondering what progrmme I ould run ON it to do a type of "diagnostic thing" on it...... ??????

  end 12:34 24 Apr 2004

???any "offers" on this folks??? am just wondering where to "look " on my lap top to find if this CAN BE sorted.....

  Gemma 13:36 24 Apr 2004

If images still fill the working part of the screen and are just not visible on the 3 x 0.5 inch rectangle you describe and that part displays nothing, then the screen is broken. The fall has probably fractured the internal connections.

It would not be fixable at a reasonable cost.

  Graham ® 14:05 24 Apr 2004

Sounds like you have dislodged the backlight tube.

click here for a picture. Or the screen which diffuses the light may have moved.

  end 19:01 24 Apr 2004

????presumably I need to take it back to where I got it and show it to THEM and ask for their opinion???.....from what peopl are saying, a "broken Light" or " connection" "makes sense"....

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