Part of border in word document wont print

  Midsman2005 21:56 17 Dec 2005

Dear forum,

I use Word 2000.

I have added a border to a document in Word 2000 and the problem is that when I print the page the bottom part of the border does not get if it is chopped off and I end up with a blank white "section" at the bottom of the page where the border should be.

Does anybody have any ideas how this can be solved?


  Press Man 22:23 17 Dec 2005

All I can think of is to check the margin sizes and the size of the headers & footers?

  DieSse 22:47 17 Dec 2005

It may simply be outside the printable area of your printer.

Check your paper setting in the printer settings is for the type of paper you are using.

Raise the border until it does print.

  MAJ 23:26 17 Dec 2005

If you go to to Format > Borders and Shading > Page Borders tab > Options button, choose "Text" in the "Measure From" field, you can set the distance of the border from the Text rather than from the page's edge. That usually cures the problem, Midsman2005.

  brambles 17:37 18 Dec 2005

click here

Hope it helps


  Midsman2005 15:22 19 Dec 2005

Thank you everyone :-)

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