Part 1 posting the relevant info

  Ray5776 19:41 17 May 2007

Hi everyone,
before I can ask my question I need to know how to copy & paste my Task Manager/Processes info into this site. My concern is about too many processes running at startup and in the back ground but need to show this without hours of typing.


  [email protected] 19:44 17 May 2007

if your cocerned about any processes running try this
click here

  MAJ 19:45 17 May 2007

Take a screenshot of the task manager, paste it into a graphics program, (MSPaint will do), save as a jpeg upload it to this site click here and post the URL of the picture here.

  Ray5776 19:55 17 May 2007

Thanks to both of you,
MAJ, I took a screen shot but was trying to do it in Word and found that I could not paste it.
I will look into both suggestions and get back later, thanks for the quick replies.


  Ray5776 20:44 17 May 2007

I can store the Image OK in Word or paint or Paintshop Pro but when I come onto this message board the paste option is greyed out.
Thanks Raven that is a useful tool, I would post the results of that but same thing happens.


  [email protected] 20:48 17 May 2007

anything of concern Ray5776

  skidzy 20:49 17 May 2007

Ray save your image as posted above.
Then goto click here and select browse.
Find your image and click upload.
This will give you several options of a url to copy and paste into this forum.
If i remember correctly,select the second from the bottom of options.And copy and paste here.

  mammak 20:52 17 May 2007

print screen the image paste into paint go to the site that MAJ suggested http// then upload the image(from your destop or docs) paste the URL from that site on here and it will become a link to your image on here hope this helps.

  Ray5776 21:51 17 May 2007

not getting on too well here,
I have done this,

Cont alt Del
Task Manager
My pictures
File name 77777777

Have uploaded it to the link site and tried to paste it but only get greyed out on the paste tab.

  I am Spartacus 21:57 17 May 2007

What format did you save the picture in? According to the site it should be in one for these formats: jpg jpeg png gif bmp tif tiff swf and less than 1.5MB in size.

  mammak 22:02 17 May 2007

I will go do a wee test for you what I can up with ok
[url=click here][img=click here][/url]

I got this third link down.

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