parity check/memory paity error

  johnincrete 07:01 28 Feb 2011

While reading UK newspaper online, we had a power cut - not a rare occurence here.
On rebooting the system. I got an error message: "Hardware malfunction, parity check/memory parity error"
I switched off, counted to 10 & tried to reboot. Same error. Reboot again but in safe mode. Error again. Left the system for about 30mins & it rebooted is if nothing had ever happened.

Do I have a problem &, if so, what should I do?

What is the best way to protect against damage caused by a power cut?

  johnincrete 12:35 08 Mar 2011

The Windows tool offers the choice of saving to a floppy or creating a disk image. Since I don't have a floppy drive, I saved the image & then burned it to CD.
The Diagnostic tool says that the drive must be before any other drive on which there is bootable stuff - which is the default C: and my CD drive is E:
Can anyone please tell me (in very easy terms!) how I change the setting to boot from E:
After I have done the diagnosis, is it a good idea to go back to the default boot sequence?

  johnincrete 09:43 18 Mar 2011

Boot sequence already had CD drive before hard vdrive.
No errors found
Will open another post re replacing memory just in case

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