Parition Magic 7 and Drive Image 2002

  compu2001 14:43 25 Feb 2003

Please can someone help,
I have both of these programs installed on Win ME, and until recently both have worked well. Now while attemting to open either, I recieve the following error." Pmagic9x caused an error in PMAGIC.EXE." if the problem continues try restarting your computer. Drive image has the same problem with similar error. I installed Drive image onto XP Pro, and it works fine, (so far) Partition magic 7 will not run on XP.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 14:53 25 Feb 2003

Try a reinstall onto ME - it may solve the problem.

  compu2001 15:06 25 Feb 2003

Thank you Lu-tze, but I tried a reinstall, and it made no difference. I still recieved the same error.

  -pops- 15:10 25 Feb 2003

Did you un-install first, before you re-installed or did you put it on top of the old version?

BTW: Partition Magic runs on my XP.


  compu2001 15:21 25 Feb 2003

Thanks Brian. Partiton Magic 7 will not run on my XP Pro. It says it is for Win 9x and NT not XP.
I did not uninstall first, opted to Repair. I was concerned about losing Boot magic if I uninstalled, and not being able to access my other OS.

  -pops- 15:38 25 Feb 2003

I have Partition Magic V7.0 installed on XP Pro machine and it works perfectly OK.

XP is specifically mentioned in the manual as being compatible in both FAT32 an NTFS file systems.

I think we must be referring to different programs as my PM7 doesn't have a repair option.


  compu2001 15:49 25 Feb 2003

Thanks again Brian. I used the repair in Drive image 2002. I don't know why P magic 7 does not work in XP Pro, that is why I have it installed in ME. Have you ever tried contacting Power Quest? I have found it impossable to get through to them.

  leo49 17:44 25 Feb 2003

Simplest solution is to use the Drive Image in XP to restore a previous ME Image in which both programs were working.

Failing that,provided you've got the Boot Magic floppies you should have made when you installed the program, then completely uninstall both programs and re-install.


  compu2001 13:00 26 Feb 2003

Thanks Leo49. I believe I may have found the problem. Norton System Works. If you have this program, then you can only run PMagic from the floppy disc, as it interfers with the partitions' and reports errors and fixes them when there are no errors.
Regards and thanks to aal who replyed to my posting..

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