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Pareto Health check advice

  Trikie 12:55 19 May 2011

Having problems with Outlook Express Error Number: 0x8007000E. There seem to be multiple possible reasons and being very non technical I have installed Pareto Health Check.

The scan shows 500+ problems, the cost to register it and clear them is £19.97. Is this a reputable programme and worth the money?

  Trikie 13:28 19 May 2011

Thanks Woolwell,

The forum was my initial thought but I wondered whether the advice might be over my head. However, let's give it a go. The full error message is

An attempt to allocate memory failed. The system is out of memory. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x8007000E

I can send but not receive. I've been using Virgin webmail for incoming mail but OE has put 185 old ones into my inbox. I delete them and they reapper next time I open up. I have emptied the sent and deleted folder items that were there when the error message first showed.

  onthelimit1 13:30 19 May 2011

I wouldn't trust that programmes. I'd also post exactly what problem you have with OE rather than just the error code.

  Diemmess 13:47 19 May 2011

onthelimit1 is right, that you should be very cautious with this one. There are some programs about which invent troubles and even download a trojan virus while pretending to clear such things.

I suggest you

1) uninstall this software

2) describe what was troubling you beforehand

  Diemmess 13:52 19 May 2011

Sorry, Finger trouble.

3) as an added precaution download the free version of Malwarebytes saving it on a separate drive. Then reboot in Safe Mode and run Malwarebytes from the seperate drive.

  Terry Brown 13:55 19 May 2011

Virgin have recently upgraded the security on the Blueyonder accounts and you need to do the following:

This looks as if you are using Outlook to Access Virgin mail, if so you need to do the following>

Open Outlook Express, goto Tools, Accounts,Properties, Advanced.

Tick the boxes for Port in & Port out (Top 2 boxes)

Change (if not already changed ports to OUT 465 IN 995

Then goto Servers and tick the box ' My server requires authorisation'( Bottom Box)

Then try accessing you email again.


  wee eddie 14:12 19 May 2011

Nothing much on Google. Certainly no glowing endorsements that I saw.

If I were you I'd get rid of it. There are plenty of programs available which will do the same job Free.

No program worth it's salt needs to advertise by putting the frighteners on you in this way. It certainly wouldn't have to if it were The Real McCoy.

  onthelimit1 15:41 19 May 2011

Some views on the Pareto Logic offerings (assuming that's the same company) read here

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