parential controls software from windows, android and iphones

  pookie 16:05 08 Nov 2014


Can you recommend any software that does internet controls/filters covering windows, android and apple products? I have two teenagers. I have tried Opendns to set filters through my router. It doesn't always work but problem is that kids just switch off wifi on their phones and turn on data to get internet access that way. As such I need something to set controls on their actual devices as well.

Thank you

  spuds 17:16 08 Nov 2014

I don't have a need to use any, but here's a selection that might be worth looking at from a Google search click here

  pookie 18:07 08 Nov 2014

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've looked at those but the problem is that they tend to cover one platform eg windows only but not eg android. The likes of AVG do parental controls/web blocking but you need to pay for each different platform type. I'm really after one product that covers all platform types without the need to pay for 3 ie windows, android and apple

  pookie 18:08 08 Nov 2014

I should add that Opendns is working ok now. The Enable Dynamic Address box was unticked

  spuds 18:18 08 Nov 2014

Did you have a look at Qustodio, number 7 on page two on the link?.

  Woolwell 20:40 08 Nov 2014

Apple iPhones have privacy controls and child protection built in see Apple manage your privacy and iOS Protection

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