Parental control help

  rins36 23:50 31 Jan 2005


I have norton parental controls on my pc cos the kids use it quite a bit

Tonight I have tried to access a wine site and got a message saying it had been blocked etc cos or alcohol/cigs

How can I access these sites

  ACOLYTE 23:56 31 Jan 2005

You will need to put the password in and then alter the settings for sites that contain the words listed in the blocked list,i think anyway there should be options when you open it up.

  rins36 11:20 01 Feb 2005


  ACOLYTE 11:52 01 Feb 2005

My way not work then?

  mattyc_92 11:59 01 Feb 2005

As ACOLYTE has said, open up internet security and click onto the "parental" controls... IF you have set them up as I have (used existing user accounts for the parental controls accounts), then you will see ALL user names in a "drop list".... Select your one and either untick the enable parental controls or change the sites that are allowed (by clicking onto "sites" and "unticking" the categories you want to be allowed on.....

If you haven't set it up in this was, then log in as the "supervisor" and then you can do the same thing (in the same order) as I have stated above...

  ACOLYTE 12:06 01 Feb 2005

Thx i couldnt remember all the details its been a while since i had Norton on my pc,i knew there was a list just could'nt remember the exact way to get to it,lol.

  mattyc_92 10:39 02 Feb 2005

You are welcome... lol

  mattyc_92 18:14 09 Sep 2005

Any luck?

  Raj21 15:00 09 Dec 2005


sorry i do not know about nortron but i am currently using BrowseControl software. it is very good. it's not free but you can get 30days free trail. i can say is even worth to buy. is not that expensive.

i am also putting site address here click here.

i suggest that put forum in Extra info. it does make diffrence.


  ACOLYTE 15:38 09 Dec 2005

WOW old thread lol.

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