Parental control

  fazza8 19:33 23 Jul 2003

My 12 year old has begun to take an unhealthy (healthy?) interest in the wrong type of site. I have AntiVir XP and Zone Alarm, having swapped from Norton Internet Security. What can I use to block these sites but allow easy surfing for me.

  spikeychris 19:43 23 Jul 2003

Hormones are kicking in and if they had been around when I was 12 then I think I would of spent half my life visiting those "wrong" sites.

If you really want to monitor then click here


  -pops- 19:53 23 Jul 2003

Do a search on here for numerous posts on this subject. There are a lot of strong opinions about parental control (including my own) which I'm sure you will find aired to their fullest extent already on these pages. Look in ConsumerWatch as well.


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