parental control

  raggy 2 15:52 26 May 2006

is parental control software on my windows OS-XP PRO-as I was wondering if not is this a programme you need to buy???
Thanks guys

  Devil Fish 16:03 26 May 2006

no parental controls do not come as standard with XP pro

a couple availabel to buy are

Net nanny click here

Cyber Patrol click here

their are also a couple of free ones available

Parental Filter click here

We-blocker click here

I have not used any of the above so can not vouch for their effectiveness

  Taff™ 16:15 26 May 2006

Wait for a recommendation from a "Parent". From your previous post I understand your concern. but is it just that you don`t understand what your kids are doing online? Tell us what your concerns are and we will advise you accordingly.

  pj123 16:17 26 May 2006

Is Parental Control really necessary?

I trust my kids (three of them) all of whom have unlimited access to the internet (and digital TV come to think of it).

Not one of them have abused the use of the internet, having been told what sites they must not visit. I have two computers, both of which are in an "open access" area (the lounge) so are available for all to see.

I wouldn't like any of them to feel that I don't trust them.

Of course it you put Parental Controls on your computer they may just go somewhere else (a friends house or Internet Cafe) where there are no controls. They may also spread it around that "my mum/dad" doesn't trust me.

  pj123 16:26 26 May 2006

Sorry, hit the Post button too soon.

Should have said, talk to him/her/them. Explain how the Internet is a good thing but also a not so good thing. Tell them you trust them not to abuse their access to the Internet.

That's what I did and it worked for me.

  Belatucadrus 17:23 26 May 2006

click here Naomi

click here K9

click here iProtectYou.

Just in case you don't get on with Parental Filter or WeBlocker

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