moorie 17:52 14 Nov 2006

see click here
ldont know anything about this .but i clicked an earlier link,then subsequently couldnt get back into the forum,ran advanced windows care and it detected a webpage restricted ,in system analysis?i repaired it,then reloaded forum page,it opened but in basic form.
i restarted pc and this rectified it.

then surfed around for a while and thought ill go back to link and see if it was cause and yep happened again,being paranoid i had my laptop close by,which hadnt opened link and it loaded forum fine.
am i being paranoid or is it something totally different

  Z1100 18:10 14 Nov 2006

Click the link and see if we get shot or kidnapped by aliens ;) No way. I am not that brave.


  moorie 18:15 14 Nov 2006

no the link is to a page about cross scypting and forums/other sites attacking another by providing a link which has scrypt embedded, its not the link which i suspect affected me .
although your reply did make me laugh

  GaT7 18:17 14 Nov 2006

The link is not harmful ('homepage' click here) but will not load / doesn't exist - it gives an error: HTTP 404 Not Found'. G

  moorie 18:51 14 Nov 2006

this is the gist of it,i just wondered if it could then cause the problems i have experienced viewing the site,if a another site was trying to make mischief

Cross site scripting (XSS) is where one site manages to run a script on another site, with the privileges of you, the user.

In many pages, this would be completely harmless. But now imagine that you have logged into site A, and that site has used a session cookie to store your identity. If site B manages to make you load a page on site A containing a script they have injected into it, that script could take the cookie for site A, and send it to site B. The person running site B can now use your cookie in their own browser, and can now use site A, making it think they are you.

In the case of site A being a blog or forum, they could erase or alter your posts, add new abusive posts, or erase your account. In the case of Web mail systems, they could send abusive email to your colleagues, delete any emails, or read all the passwords you have been sent in your email, which may give them access to even more systems.

is an apt title - Cookies are stored on computers and interrogated by the sites that made them when you visit that site - well they are supposed to be anyway.....

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