Parallel port-scanner/printer/CD writer?

  avesnes 15:08 01 Mar 2005

I have a seven year PC running Win 98 and I've been offered an equally old external CD writer. According to the manual, the writer can be connected to the parallel port and then linked onto the printer. As I already have the scanner linked like this, can I triple link all these machines and if so in what order? Thanks for any advice.

  Yoda Knight 15:17 01 Mar 2005

i would imagine ur current setup is pc - printer - scanner ? U probably only have 1 in and 1 out port on your printer, so that would be out of the question. Do you have an out on your scanner (the in already connected to your printer) ? Or do you have an in and an out port on your new cd writer ?
Basically, connect it which ever way it can go and try it

  avesnes 15:31 01 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight,
Thanks for the guidance. At the worst, I'd just have to connect/unconnect the scanner and the writer depending which machine I was wanting to use at any one time. (This is what happens to cheapskates like me!!).

  Yoda Knight 15:49 01 Mar 2005

You used to be able to buy a sort of splitter box that would suite your purpose, but I wouldnt kow where you could get one nowadays - u could try ur local pc shop anyway though


  avesnes 15:56 01 Mar 2005

Yoda Knight,
I'll try the local PC shop for a splitter. Thanks again.

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