Parallel or USB 2 for new Laser Printer

  whybe 21:13 12 Aug 2003

Hi, My old HP5P has given up the ghost and I have replaced it with a PCA recommended Brother HL5050.
This can be either connected via parallel or USB2 port. Please could anyone tell me which would be the better option, re speed, functionality etc. System OS XP Pro, AMD 1.3GHZ, 512MB. Thanks

  whybe 23:54 12 Aug 2003

Can anyone recommend which? Thanks

  JIM 23:59 12 Aug 2003

usb but do you have USB2 port on that system?

  whybe 00:03 13 Aug 2003

Thanks Jim, Yes I have recently installed USB2 PCI card, so that shouldn't be a problem. Is it the speed or more functions that are better?

  Quiller. 00:06 13 Aug 2003

If the laser printer has usb2 technology and your motherboard has usb2 sockets. Use the latest thing.

If on the other hand you have to spend to achieve this, stick with the parallel port. I would of thought that usb2 will be marginally faster, but not by much. usb2 comes into it's own on large data transfers, eg hard drives, digital cameras. The file sizes sent to a printer are usually small and the minuscule wait over extra expenditure may not be worth it.

  Quiller. 00:07 13 Aug 2003

Slow typing. lol

  Djohn 00:07 13 Aug 2003

Transfer of data is, "I think" 480 mbps for USB2, forget the speed of Parallel cable but their is a massive difference. j.

  whybe 00:12 13 Aug 2003

That's great thanks all for your help, I'll go and get USB2 lead.

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