Parallel Cable Connection.

  User-B6270506-B0CF-413D-B0B5707623FBE39D 18:13 23 Feb 2003

I have been trying to connect 2 PC's together using a Belkin parallel cable connection. I have plugged in the parallel cable to both computers, used the create new connection wizard to set up both computers using a diret parallel connection (one as host, one as guest). However, when I try to connect the computers it stalls at "verify user name and password" after 60 seconds or so I get an error that the remote computer is not responding. I have checked the setting on both computers and the the host is set to accept a user I have created, and the guest is trying to log on as that user. I have tried setting up both of the PC's as the host, and I get the same result. I must be missing something.

While I am an experienced computer user, I am an utter newbie when it comes to any form of networking. So I guess I'm making a daft error somewhere along the line. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I should also mention that no instructions came with the cable (I bougth it from Ebay).



  zed650 20:30 23 Feb 2003

Best bet is to try some synchronising software – trial or even full programs are often available on cover discs. I’ve successfully used Laplink in the past with a parallel cable but you can also use USB for some extra speed. However the version I use does not work with WinXP, so hope you’ve got other OS and keep a look out for those disks.

  johnem 20:49 23 Feb 2003

Stating the obvious, the parallel cable you acquired is a crossover type! Try this site click here

jhonem - The cable is a belkin pro data transfer cable. I take it that this is a crossover cable.

zed650 - Thanks for the advice, I will try and find some freeware as I only intend to transfer some important data to my new PC. It should be a once only requirement.

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