paragraph problem

  edee66 10:55 16 Apr 2005

I am trying to change the size of my home page because it is larger (for some reason) than the rest of the web pages. But when I go into the page drop-down (paragraph). Everything is greyed out (except the 'alignment box). Its the same on all pages in fact. Why is this? Can't access any 'frame' change either.

  Charlie Babbage 14:58 16 Apr 2005

I don't know the answer but it might help others more knowledgable if you state what program you are using eg MS Front Page, Net Fusion, Dreamweaver ... etc. etc.!

  edee66 10:19 17 Apr 2005

Right, should have mentioned that, its Frontpage 2000 Charlie

  pmorff 00:43 19 Apr 2005

you don't mention whether you have used tables to set out your pages or CSS.
If you have used tables you might have set the width of the table as you want it but the cell properties might have a different width.

If you are not too sure try setting all of your table and cell dimensions to 100% and then readjust the size. Try and just use the table dimension
If you have already sett eh tabel and cell size to 100% recheck the dimensions. You might have inadvertantly chenged the cell or table size.

  edee66 12:47 19 Apr 2005

pmorff, I only used 'normal page' in the design. Never messed with tables or frames (frames is greyed out anyway). Everything was fine until I had to use a (website)copy for editing. Now I find when I go to the 'Paragraph'window everything is greyed out (on all web pages)except for the 'alignment' box?. And as I say all the web pages except the home page are fine. The HP is just too large.

  edee66 11:01 20 Apr 2005

Checked this out member and 'read only' is unchecked. Besides I can edit the page(s) and upload them.

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