Paragon Recovery DVD - But It's Blank!

  jimforrest 19:39 20 Oct 2013

I've just tried to make a Recovery DVD on my laptop using Paragon. It went through all the motions for just a few minutes - said it was writing etc, and then ejected the DVD - but when I looked on it via File Mnr it's blank! Did I do something wrong?

  rdave13 19:49 20 Oct 2013

Try a CD instead of a DVD.

  BRYNIT 19:54 20 Oct 2013

Difficult to say. The files could be hidden and may need to select show hidden files/folders etc. You could also try booting from the disk to tell if anything had been write on it.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:02 20 Oct 2013

Jim, if it was a boot disk you created then what you've experienced is quite normal. As Brynit says, try testing it by booting from it.

  rdave13 20:08 20 Oct 2013

If you go to file manager and double click the disc in the optical drive you should see what is on it.

  jimforrest 20:12 20 Oct 2013

Interesting result by using a CD. I used a CD with stuff on it and ran the Paragon Recovery Prog again. It deleted the files, wrote to the CD, and ejected it. Took about 4 mins.

When I look at the CD in File Mnr it is blank - and the previous files are gone. Looking in My Comp - it says 0 bytes free of 631mb (for the CD. But I can't see how to show hidden files on the CD. If I right click it one option is to erase the disk - so it looks if it's there - but I need to be sure.

  rdave13 20:20 20 Oct 2013

Double click the disc in the optical drive showing in file manager.

  rdave13 20:23 20 Oct 2013

Double left clicking mine shows 24 files on the disc.

  rdave13 20:27 20 Oct 2013

and its Linux based.

  jimforrest 22:16 20 Oct 2013

Double (right) clicking shows a blank disk. Double (left) clicking shows the same. I suppose putting it in the drive and booting from it will show the truth - but can I stop it before it wrecks my C Drive (which is fine)?

  rdave13 23:06 20 Oct 2013

What Paragon software are you using?

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