Paragon Partition Manager Problem.

  Expat 1 10:39 26 Sep 2006

Running XP Home SP2 on both machines
Installed Paragon Partition Manager from PC Advisor DVD. Onto Laptop & Desktop.
Laptop already had NTFS file system, with 200GB external drive on Fat 32.
Used the Fat 32 to NTFS transfer facility on external drive all done OK.
Attempting to do likewise, on desktop, on 40GB drive, (only drive on the machine),
Message comes up ‘ “C” drive is in use reboot or retry ‘ tried both still same message.
Have disabled screen saver and all I think could be starting up and causing the problem in
MISCONFIG. Still getting same response from PM transfer facility.

Has anybody any ideas as to what I can do next?
Any suggestion will be gratefully received.

AW expat01.

  Batch 10:56 26 Sep 2006

I'm not familiar with this software, but similar apps (like Partition Magic) will give the same issue. I'd guess this is because you can't do a major change to the underlying file system whilst the disk is in use (by Windows etc.).

Partition Magic gets round this by allowing you to make a bootable floppy (which you can make into a bootable CD using Nero etc.) and running a barebones version from the floppy / CD (i.e. Windows not loaded).

Does Partition Manager have such a capability?

  ed-0 11:21 26 Sep 2006

If it's just to convert C from fat32 to ntfs.

You don't need a partition manager to convert your "C" drive to ntfs.

Just open up a command prompt window and follow this click here

  Expat 1 13:41 26 Sep 2006

Batch. Not aware of any such facility with Partition Manager. I know about Partition Magic from way back. But I am in Spain now and cannot get a copy anywhere.

ed-o. i am on the laptop now and i want it for the desktop so will try your suggestion when I get home will let you know how I get on later.

Many thanks for your time and responses lads.

  Expat 1 17:36 26 Sep 2006

Followed your link the NTFS Site. Coppied and pasted the run command and all I get is a split second flas of the DOS command panel. I did notice that the NTFS sitewas advising someone with XP Pro. I wonder if this could be the reason for getting the response I got. Thanks anyway.


  Batch 17:49 26 Sep 2006

The link did say "After machine re-boot conversion process will start and you'll have your FAT32 converted to NTFS without of data loss. "

Have you re-booted?

  ed-0 18:03 26 Sep 2006

I don't think the link has it right, muggins didn't check. So I have converted my fat32 to ntfs.

Put cmd in the run box and enter,

The put convert C: click here and enter.

Go no for the next but yes for the second click here.

Type exit and reboot.

It will do a scan dsik and convert. click here

  Simsy 18:56 26 Sep 2006

Where my partition manager appears on the start menu, there is a link to "Diskette Buld Wizard"

This will, (I presume; I haven't tried it), create a floppy which you can use in the same way as with Partiton Magic.



  Expat 1 13:39 21 Oct 2006

Have given up for now.

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