Paragon drive copy 8.problem

  mymate 01:10 12 Dec 2006

I have my new hard drive now,and tried doing Clone with Acronis ,but it came up with "error unable to read disc 2 sector 63.So i gave up with that and tried Paragon drive copy 8.Now i am getting a error message "Paragon volume is busy being used now,operator disc copy cannot be completed "
Its gone 1am now and i am going to bed.If any kind soul knows what i am doing wrong i be very grateful. I tried doing it in safe mode but still the same. I have Norton Go Back installed and Iobit disk defragment running as well,not sure if that the problem.

  Technotiger 05:33 12 Dec 2006

Hi, I guess Norton Go Back and Acronis are clashing, both trying to do a similar job, I would disable Norton temporarily. Also Iobit Smart Defrag is always working in the background, if you have set it up as it is meant to be - so Stop all action of Iobit until after your cloning is finished.

Good luck.

  Technotiger 05:35 12 Dec 2006

PS - I forgot to mention Paragon which is trying to do the same job as the other two!! Only use one of the three programs to do your clo(w)ning -sorry could not resist that!

Merry Christmas

  Enoch 05:59 12 Dec 2006

I back-up to an external drive using alternately Acronis one week and Ghost on the following. I end up with each of them on the same external drive. The 3rd week I delete one (say Ghost) keeping the Acronis back-up, then back-up the current PC harddrive by Ghost and continue like that, therefore alway having each back up on the same harddrive.

In both cases you have an option to either clone or Back-Up. Using the back-up option has not given me ANY problems whatsoever, and, they have never clashed

  mymate 09:16 12 Dec 2006

Thanks Enoch.And thanks again Technotiger, i did stop Norton and iobit and it still never worked.I then tried doing it again with Paragon,and got the same message,so switched the computer off,went to bed,got back up 5minutes later,and switched computer back on,and Paragon started copying the old drive to the new drive !
Paragon says it has a boot disc,you can make ,but i cant see a option for that anywhere.
Oh so i wasnt the only one up half the night then !

  Technotiger 09:25 12 Dec 2006

Good morning ... I have a rotten cold, so had to get up to take some tablets - among other things!
That's my excuse anyway. Free Boot disc maker ..

click here


  mymate 09:54 12 Dec 2006

Thanks again Technotiger.I have click here already installed on my computer,so i figure that must be the same as the ones on your link ?
Sorry about your cold .

  mattyc_92 09:57 12 Dec 2006

To backup your system with Ghost, Acronis, Paragon, etc... you must FIRST disable GoBack (and any other program like GoBack).

As others have said, GoBack and 'Imaging Software' clash if both are 'active' at the same time!

  mymate 10:09 12 Dec 2006

I did disable Norton go back and iobit,but i swear i could hear iobit still running. and Acronis i will un install now,and wait for my brother to do it for me properly. Buts its Paragon has done it for now .
I thought this Seagate external hard drive was going to huge ,i only see it on the internet,never in a shop,<there are no computer shops near me> and when it turned up,my handbag is bigger than it !
Thanks mattyc_92

  Technotiger 13:24 12 Dec 2006

I bought my Seagate 320Gb in PC World in Portsmouth, just under £80. I am lucky, I have three computer shops withn 150metres of where I live, and that is not counting PC World a little further away.

  Enoch 13:31 12 Dec 2006

mattyc_92-------I do NOT disable Go-Back when using Ghost or Acronis and I have never had a problem. I back-up weekly and have done for a least 6 months or more. I actually check GoBack before and after backing up. I back up to an external hard-drive.

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