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  pcdimwit 23:22 19 Mar 2010


I have installed the free version of Paragon backup and restore programme, I want to make a back-up file, when I open the back-up section I get a "tree" of files which start off with "my computer", then a branch with "basic HD", then "1st HD" then "Master Boot Record" then "local Disk" (a FATS file), then "Vista OS" 24.3gb used NTFS files, then "extended partition" and finally "data D". My question is: Should I tick all the branches of this "tree"? I had thought I ONLY should be backing up the C drive but if I untick the "data D" (the last branch) it will also untick the 1st branch which is "basic HD" so am not sure what to do?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  rdave13 00:25 20 Mar 2010

You'll need to read and study the help files. All the information is there. Take your time to familiarise yourself to what the program can actually do. It's an excellent piece of software and the only omission, that I can see, is it won't clone a hard drive.
The reason that I'm only giving this advice is, if you mess-up backing up your important data, then, it will only be your error and no-one elses.

  pcdimwit 00:48 20 Mar 2010

Oh sure, i realise that, I have backed up the small amout of photos and docs to a USB stick before I start any of this, the problem with this Asus X58L with Windows Vista is that the Bios back-up and recovery of Asus is so INCREDIBLY difficult to do compared to my Acer laptops that I was advised to use this Paragon backup and recover prog. (I'd formatted the D drive and have lost the factory restore partition off there!!!) even though there is still a "recovery" disk from Asus.

On both of my Acer's I simply backed up the entire C drive (after making precautionary back up of photos and files to USB) and saved the full backup file in D drive, then I "restored" them both (the Acer's) with not a single problem, it was dead easy, but this "tree" of drives I am getting on Paragon is not so simple, I just dont know which "branch" of the tree to tick, there is a "branch" that has only C drive on it, so do you think THAT is the ONLY file that I should tick to make a full "snapshot" of the C drive and be able to "recover" the system from there??? I've looked through the "help" icon and the manual and it doesnt specifically say ONLY TICK C DRIVE to back-up the C drive. Bur thats what I did on the Acer laptops and they reloaded perfectly and I didnt lose a single photo or prog. I had downloaded with all the icon links on the homepage. What do you reckon?? PCDIMWIT

  rdave13 01:31 20 Mar 2010

Now I'm putting my head on the block here. Free versions allow you to make an IMMAGE of the hard drive which can be retreived from a partition created by Paragon, or other software, on the same hard drive or a slaved one.
Immages are fine for incremental backups.
Check if you need to create a partition on your backup hard drive so you can restore your immage.
Immaging a hard drive requires the same software to reinstate the settings to 'as before'.
'Cloning' a hard drive is different.

  canarieslover 09:09 20 Mar 2010

If you are having trouble using Paragon then another free program that you can use is Easeus ToDo Backup.
click here
This will clone a drive as well as providing a backup. I have found it very easy to use.

  pcdimwit 11:41 20 Mar 2010

on the "tree" to tick using Paragon back-up, when I open up back-up there appears a "tree" - I assumed it was ONLY the C drive that needs to be backed up (as this includes the windows OS and all my own files and programmes) so the question really is: do I ONLY tick C drive and leave all the rest?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 13:59 20 Mar 2010

made a backup file with paragon and saved it to D drive (17.4gb) it is in an open folder (not on a hidden partition) and then I "restored" the system with Paragon, it took a while but all shut down and then rebooted and reloaded and I havent lost anything, so feel a bit less "afraid" of all this, just wondering if I should make a "restore point" (is that right??) where you make a date of the last restore and can revert to that at a later date, can someone tell me again how to do this?? thanks PCDIMWIT

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