Mr. Chips 08:36 29 Jul 2003

Our club is desperate. Our Treasurer, who died recently, used Paradox to build a database to run our membership. We can?t find the programme discs and therefore can?t modify the tables/queries. I understand that there was a computer magazine that had a free full version of Paradox 7 which would probably read our data and get ourselves out of our fix. I know it isn?t on a PC Advisor CD (Iv?e got all of those). It is probably on another magazine CD dated from 1999 onwards. Can anyone help by supplying a copy of a CD with Paradox for Windows on it please?

  Mr. Chips 14:28 29 Jul 2003

Taran, I agree 100%. The problems I have had trying to import into Access are many and tiring. The idea of using dbase as a middle hop is interesting, but once again, I regret to say that I haven't gpot a copy of the application. Our club has expense issues, so if there is a freeby off a magazine that would helpus no end. We pay CD and postage cost, of course.

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