Mr. Chips 08:36 29 Jul 2003

Our club is desperate. Our Treasurer, who died recently, used Paradox to build a database to run our membership. We can?t find the programme discs and therefore can?t modify the tables/queries. I understand that there was a computer magazine that had a free full version of Paradox 7 which would probably read our data and get ourselves out of our fix. I know it isn?t on a PC Advisor CD (Iv?e got all of those). It is probably on another magazine CD dated from 1999 onwards. Can anyone help by supplying a copy of a CD with Paradox for Windows on it please?

  [DELETED] 09:03 29 Jul 2003

I can't help you out with sourcing Paradox beyond recommending the usual software suppliers which will come at an obvious cost.

What you can do, if you have anyone who has and knows Access, is import the tables, relationships and data from Paradox into an Access database from which point you can carry on.

It's worth knowing that doing this is no walk in the park and you are better served converting the Paradox database to dBase then heading for Access, since Access sometimes throws a wobbly where Paradox imports are concerned.

If you have Lotus Approach, the same thing goes; convert the Paradox database to dBase then import.

I'm sure someone will be able to help regarding the covermount CD, but if not and you get no further forward, post again and I'll see if there's any direct help I can offer in round tripping the database into a more useful format for you.



  [DELETED] 10:12 29 Jul 2003

The latest version is expensive, but you should be able to locate a cheaper and earlier version. These people have an OEM version for about £25. click here

  Mr. Chips 14:28 29 Jul 2003

Taran, I agree 100%. The problems I have had trying to import into Access are many and tiring. The idea of using dbase as a middle hop is interesting, but once again, I regret to say that I haven't gpot a copy of the application. Our club has expense issues, so if there is a freeby off a magazine that would helpus no end. We pay CD and postage cost, of course.

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