jimmer409® 17:55 30 May 2005

using outlook express, almost all emails have the paperclip to the left even thou there are no attachments, is this normal, and if not how do i correct it? help appreciated.

  Joe R 18:15 30 May 2005

in OE, go to tools-options-security, and untick "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus"

  brambles 18:19 30 May 2005

If you are using AVG don't worry - the little paper clips are really representing the effective attachment that AVG put into your email:

'No virus found in this incoming message.
Checked by AVG Anti-Virus.
Version: 7.0.322 / Virus Database: 267.0.0 - Release Date: 27/05/2005'

If you go to the AVG Control Centre - Click on Emails Box - Then click on Configure.

Remove the Certify Mail in Incoming & Outgoing Mail - if you want to. I leave it personally.

If you haven't got AVG then I don't know but it could be a similar explanation.

Hope this helps - nothing to worry about


  DieSse 18:31 30 May 2005

If you have set your email client to receive only in plain text, then because most emails are actually sent in HTML, the paperclip represents the actual HTML format of the original mail.

Go to Tools - Options - Read and look for a tick in the box read messages in plain text only. Take it out if you want to.

This is why not all messages show a paperclip - some messages will be in plain text, so they don't need the HTML attachment.

  jimmer409® 18:38 30 May 2005

thanks brambles, yes use avg, thanks for the explaination.

  DieSse 21:16 30 May 2005

If not all emails have the paperclip, as you said, I would have thought it's not the AVG which is doing it - otherwise why would some not have it?

  jimmer409® 05:47 31 May 2005

Thanks DieSse, no the plain text box is not checked, any other ideas?

  Simsy 08:30 06 Jun 2005

"...otherwise why would some not have it?"

Because as well as the option to certify the messages, there is the further option to certify ONLY those that have attachments.



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