Paper feeding problem on Epson CX6900F printer

  rickjames8 04:42 05 Dec 2008


I've started working in an office that uses an Epson CX6900F. Great printer, nice quality. But it has a small problem. It will print a page or two, then say "Paper out or not loaded correctly, please insert paper and press the OK button". Sometimes it will print 3 or 4 pages and then give this message, but thats about the maximum.

Most documents I print are 20-30 pages, and I print several copies. So I stand by the printer, pick the paper up and put it back in and press OK.

I've tried:
1.Loading less paper
2.Loading the most paper possible
3.Flopping the the stack of inserted papers over so top of the stack lays on the cover instead of standing up in the feeder (I thought the change of angle might help).
4.Pushing tighter the little plastic bit on the side that aligns the paper straight in there.
5.Opening up the little bit on the side that aligns the paper straight in there, thinking maybe it was too tight and 'holding' the paper in.
6. Beating the machine with a bat.

Well, #6 not yet, but soon.

The printer is a year old, and the other people in the office don't remember this happening "as often" but it did happen.

Now, the easy thing to do would be to take it to a repair place, BUT....

I live/work in Thailand. In Thailand, something is not broken until it catches fire. If I take in a printer with this problem, they will print a page and tell me it works. I can then force them to try to fix it properly, but I'll just pay money and be without a printer for a week to end up with the same problem. Trust me, if you've lived in this country, you know that to be the truth.

So until then, I waste my hours sitting by a printer pressing the OK button.

Please help. :)


  chub_tor 10:21 05 Dec 2008

I cannot locate that model on any of the English language websites. Something does register on the Thai website but it is unreadable to me. That suggests you cannot get support other than in Thailand. Sorry but perhaps others can help.

  jack 15:19 06 Dec 2008

Paper sticking together - Fan out the sheets before loading;

A sheet of paper out of square in the tray.

Debris in the feed mechanism- pass a thicker shhet through or thin card to clear the path.

This site may be useful
click here

  wee eddie 15:44 06 Dec 2008

The cause was biscuit crumbs.

Use a paintbrush to loosen all the debris. Turn upside down and shake!

Twice at least

  sharpamat 16:38 06 Dec 2008

Its an Aussie Model so support is there in English click here It may be that updated drivers are required or coming up to the need to reset the counters or waste sponges full. ( with the quanties of pages you state.but more likeley is the thickness of paper you are usein which could be related to the humidety in the area

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