Panniers on my bike and protecting my laptop

  originalmiscellany 09:57 19 Oct 2006

Quick qn, started cycling into work with my laptop in my panniers;
however I'm concerned that it's not that well protected against the daily grind of being knocked around.

Today I wrapped it in a fleece to keep it warm and dry (it sounds more like a baby!) but was wondering how other people carry their laptops/something important around!?


  Gongoozler 10:37 19 Oct 2006

Fleece will have little effect in protecting the laptop from any serious knocks. Try wearing woollen gloves and then hitting your finger with a hammer to see how much protection that sort of material gives! The only way to properly protect your laptop would be to put it into a hard case with a padded lining.

  johndrew 11:14 19 Oct 2006

My suggestion would be to make a polystyrene box to fit in the pannier bag and ensure the laptop is snug within it. How long the polystyrene will last being knocked though.........

  keef66 11:32 19 Oct 2006

I'd personally feel safer with one of those padded rucsacks which are designed to carry a laptop. I'd only use the panniers for stuff like clothing, documents, sandwiches etc which will survive the odd bash.

  Stuartli 11:32 19 Oct 2006

Would you be able to mount a metal box (complete with a good lock!) horizontally behind the saddle and over the back wheel that's just deep and wide enough to house the laptop?

  namtas 11:49 19 Oct 2006

I would go with keef66 suggestion on this one

  P1d 12:55 19 Oct 2006

Agree with keef66 on this. I use a padded rucsac specifically designed for laptops for carrying mine around. It's got plenty of pockets for accessories etc and is light as well as sturdy. Only cost £25 and is well worth spending to keep your laptop protected.

  originalmiscellany 17:00 19 Oct 2006

I will look into it, but i don't like a sweaty back syndrome. That is what I was trying to avoid - yuck! looks like i might have to bite the bullet as it were though.

  scales 17:16 19 Oct 2006

I use an Agu Quorum 560KF office/laptop pannier, it has a section for a laptop, and a standard section for everything else. It clips off the bike and bocome an attache case. Made of cloth so no real protection if run over by a lorry though and cost about £60. I use it every day and I am happy with it.

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