Panda ActiveScan and infected files?

  spuds 22:25 08 Sep 2003

I like a number of other people, seem to be getting rather paranoid about virus's and infected files etc.I do a regular update of all my anti-virus (AVG)and other protection devices installed on my computer. I do constant checks both manually and automatic, and on all occasions I have had the all clear.Today, I have just downloaded the on-line Panda ActiveScan, and completed a full scan of my computer.

ActiveScan as found and disinfected four problems, within my Exploit/Byte...C:\Documents and Setting\User\Local Setting\Temp Files. Should I be alarmed, or is this a method, so that I will purchase a Panda anti-virus product.What are these files mentioned, anything of importance?

  ellas 22:47 08 Sep 2003

might be a problem,found this thread about it click here you could try clearing your temp files and run it again to see if thats got rid of it,do you have a firewall.

  holly polly 22:47 08 Sep 2003

hi spuds i would be inclined to do another online scan to verify what panda have told you here is a link to symantecs site ,do the online scan and let me know how you get on ,if anything it will only verify or put your mind at ease -have fun the link is here click here
hol pol...

  spuds 19:29 09 Sep 2003

Thanks for reply.ellas good link. holly polly-think that I have upset something.Tried to download your link twice, and all signs that download was progressing.After twenty minutes I gave up, as something was not correct. I think Panda as done something naughty. My AVG anti-virus is now telling me that it is corrupted.Tried to repair without success, so had to re-install AVG.

  Gaz 25 12:45 16 Nov 2003

I hae run panda, and shown my system up as clean.

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