Panasonic Photofunstudio download

  spareroomgirl1 15:34 29 Aug 2012

Just bought new camera, trying to install software from disc. Photofunstudio from Panasonic. I have Windows 7. Use IE 9.

Panasonic Lumix DMC - TZ27. It's the Photofunstudio software that won't install, error: could not load file or Assembly ' Panasonic.core Helper. Auto play -dll' or one of it's dependencies. Am I able to download the same software from the net? or can I use another one. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  Nontek 16:07 29 Aug 2012

I would try re-installing the same software again, without deleting previous installation. Might have been just a blip during initial installation.

  Nontek 16:08 29 Aug 2012

Failing that, go to the Panasonic website and download software direct from the site.

  Woolwell 18:42 29 Aug 2012

I have PhotofunStudio on my W7 system but rarely use it. You can import direct from the camera's sd card into Windows and Windows Photo Gallery provides much of the same functionality.

Did you get the Lumix Simple viewer as well?

  spareroomgirl1 06:44 30 Aug 2012

No we got LoiLoScope, video editing. I have already tried re installing, same thing happening.

  Nontek 08:04 30 Aug 2012

Download your version PhotoFunStudio here.

Before downloading PhotoFunStudio from this link, download and install Revo uninstaller, then use Revo to fully uninstall the troublesomePhotoFunStudio.

download Revo here

Revo is a great uninstaller, I use it for all my uninstalls.

  Nontek 09:02 30 Aug 2012

I forgot to add - Revo .... scroll almost to the bottom of the page for the Free Version.

  Drhalcyon 20:24 28 Oct 2012

I have had a similar problem to spareroomgirl1. However, I cannot find the version of software that should accompany the camera. The version should be 8.1 PE. Where do I download this or is it possible to get a replacement DVD?

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