Panasonic DVD Recorder

  David4637 20:11 08 Dec 2008

Could you please suggest the best model with a HD with/without Freeview tuner and 2 scarts and DVD video editting to remove adverts etc. Thanks David

  David4637 16:56 09 Dec 2008


  john bunyan 18:01 09 Dec 2008

I would reccomend Panasonic DMR-EX78 or Pioneer DVR-560HX-K.
Both excellent DVD recorders. Both can let you remove adverts, the Pioneer is a little easier in that respect. Both have HDMI and SCARTs, both have Freeview and 1080p. I have both and they are very good.

  David4637 19:31 09 Dec 2008

Thanks John that is a good start to answering my query. Could I just ask again, has the EX78 got a digital tuner which can receive Freeview channels, as I was a little confused on the Panasonic web page, which said it has DVB tuner and can accept UHF Channels 21 to 30 - I thought that meant it could receive analogue only? Thanks David

  john bunyan 22:11 09 Dec 2008

David4637. Both have Freeview! Good luck.

  anchor 09:51 10 Dec 2008

john bunyan: Can you please explain how it removes adverts, and can it done without user intervention?.

  john bunyan 11:43 10 Dec 2008

anchor. No. On the Panasonic you "Create chapters" where the ads are, then delete the ads chapters. In the Pioneer, as you run through the film or whatever you can press a"jump" button and then remove the ads which are normally jumped over. I think Phillips has a DVD recorder with some auto features built in but the other two seem more reliable as machines. Have a look in the manuals - I think they are available as downloads. I only bother if recording from HD to DVD as I fast forward when watcing a soap or something.

  anchor 10:20 11 Dec 2008

john bunyan: Thanks for your reply; its as I expected.

Like you, when watching a HDD recording I just fast forward through the ads. I am familiar with "create chapters", but wondered if something better existed.

I agree with your recommendation of a Panasonic. I have had their earlier model, DMR EX75, for almost 2 years; excellent.

  mooly 17:16 11 Dec 2008

If your set on a Pana then Panasonic it must be. Speaking as a service tech though, they seem to give more problems than most,
click here
I have been out of the repair trade for some years now, but still keep an active interest in these things and to me nothings changed.
The Sony HDD recorders are superb, and that's really the only manufacturer I would recommend at the moment.

  john bunyan 17:27 11 Dec 2008

mooly. What about Pioneer - their DVD recorders seem(for Pioneer) reasonable in price.?

  mooly 08:03 12 Dec 2008

Well I believe that some of the Sony models, like my HRD870 are actually manufactured by Pioneer -- just don't tell anyone !!

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