Panasonic converting to multi region

  borat 20:37 05 Dec 2003

I read somewhere that by opening the disc draw
and pressing some numbers you could convert your
DVD to multi region I believe the numbers were 9990 or similar Any one any knowledgeand does thus apply to all models?

  Mike ® 21:02 05 Dec 2003

I do not think it's as easy as that with Panasonic, the company that I work for (a high street retailer) re-chip these to make them multi-region.

  Quiller. 21:37 05 Dec 2003

It would help if you posted the model number of the dvd player.

  borat 23:20 05 Dec 2003

The model no. is DVD S75 Did I dream it ???

  hssutton 23:23 05 Dec 2003

Here is a site for DVD region hacks via the remote, however it would appear Panasonic cannot be hacked by this method

  hssutton 23:25 05 Dec 2003

You'll have to forgive me I'm going a little senile, here's the link click here

  Quiller. 23:52 05 Dec 2003

I agree with Mike ® and hssutton. There appears to be no hacks for that player. There is a disk2 only available in Australia and illegal in the E.U., apparently, that mods the player.

quote "Panasonic multi region
The model no. is DVD S75 Did I dream it ??? "

Are you saying it IS the multi region version? :)

  wags 23:59 05 Dec 2003

click here I bought a Pioneer DVD palyer which was fully modded by Techtronics, who are leaders in the field of providing quality modified players (not all chipped systems are the same !) . Evidentally, they will also modify single region DVD players even if you didn't originally buy it from them, but I don't know the cost. May be worth giving them a call.

  borat 06:17 06 Dec 2003

Thanks for suggestions It doesn't look as easy as I thought !!!!

  Cesar 10:23 09 Dec 2003

I called in to the Panosonic Shop at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, They will convert DVD's to all regions for a fee of £40.00 but will convert all DVD's During December Free Of Charge, I assume this only applies to DVD's bought there.

  iashem 11:20 09 Dec 2003

if you goto click here they say the dvd player cannot be hacked by the handset and the player must be chipped

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