Panasonic Blu Ray and wireless connection

  tigertop2 13:45 03 Jan 2010

I have a Panasonic DMP-BD60 Blu-ray DVD player.

I know I can connect it to the internet via its LAN socket and a cable to my BT Broadband router. Does anyone know if I can connect it to my BT broadband wireless network, and thus the interent using a wireless dongle in the USB port? And if so how, please

Nothing in the maual and nothing back from Panasonic so far

  mgmcc 16:45 03 Jan 2010

>>> using a wireless dongle in the USB port? And if so how, please

I would think this is most unlikely. USB is a "Host Controlled" technology and, in a computer, uses USB Host Controllers to manage the connection. Your Blu-ray drive won't have the necessary USB Host Controllers built in to run a Wireless Network Adapter.

...unless anyone knows otherwise...

  tigertop2 22:09 03 Jan 2010

Thanks both of you. I am obviously getting into an area which I have little expertise on. However it is interesting to follow up on the idea and I will see what can be done, if anything--and provided it is cost effective.

I will close this thread right now but will open it up again if I have a 'eureka' moment and find something that works!

  tigertop2 09:44 05 Jan 2010

Thanks Beta

I had forgotten about that technology--might well be the answer if I can combine them as an additional broadband source and still use the BT router for everything else

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