Palm Tungsten T5 Software

  Air_Man 16:21 24 Jan 2005

I have just bought the above and after a week or two, it was behaving badly, crashing unexpected etc. As I had only had it a week or two, I decided to do a hard reset (wipe the darn thing) and reinstall everything.

However, I have lost the CD already! and cannot find anywhere to download the software again. I can't even sync the thing! Anyone got any ideas what I can do other than use it as a very expensive paperweight???


  stlucia 16:47 24 Jan 2005

Have you tried the Palm discussion forum click here ?

  Air_Man 16:57 24 Jan 2005

Thanks StLucia. I found a thread on exactly the same problem and the outcome is that it is not available officially for download yet.

Looks like its a paperweight until they release it for download.

  Air_Man 16:58 24 Jan 2005

Anyone else reading this thinking of a T5 - forget it! It thought the Tungsten T was poor, but the T5 is even more unstable and counter-intuitive to use in most ways. And the only reason I got another Tungsten was because its company policy!

  stlucia 20:11 24 Jan 2005

Yeah. Comment on the site I gave you was generally not in favour of the T5, as I recall. They preferred the earlier Tungstens.

I'm not sure, but the synching software with my T2 looks the same as I had for my previous M505. Maybe someone else's CD will get you synching again.

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